I didn’t think I had time for hobbies, until I realised  I had one.  In the Mayan calendar, I am the girl from the Day Out of Time (please just call me Dot). That is, I was born on the 25th July, a day that is also the Mayan New Year. This quirky birthdate initiated  research into the Mayan calendar and later its related prophecies.

I discovered  the stories of the 2012 phenomena are stratified. Like all myths, there is no one version: only multi-layers.  The variations depict all human possibilities.  Choose your own ending.

Joseph Campbell says that, “Mythology is the mechanism by which the human psyche relates to the chaos of an infinite environment.”  I believe we are creating a new mythology that stands on the shoulders of the classical myths.  She is Venus coming outta the clam.  As I step out of my own writerly shell, I wish to address the phenomenon of 2012 prophesies and other everyday wonders.  My point of view tends toward the whimsical, mixed with a serious spiritual side, served with a pinch of self-deprecation.

My ‘hobby’ is in researching the current myths.  By weaving the threads together  I wish to share the chaotic warp and weft that is the neo-human story.