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Another Christmas has passed leaving  limp tinsel draping the hearth. Today is the day of the out-breath.  There is no work, no family, no commitments.  Nothing.  The hush is like a contented sigh.

I often hear people say they can’t handle having nothing to do.  It makes them uncomfortable.  Busyness has become synonymous with being worthy and making a valuable contribution.

Why does nothing bother us? Nothing is a still-point in a whirly-gig world stuck on High. To stop may mean losing our identity momentarily. The big void contains everything that is yet to be.  It is our magic hat to pull from.  Creativity lives down that hole.  So does ideas, solutions, and possibilities.  Doing nothing is a great way to finally hear life’s directives over all the other white noise.

In less than a week we enter the oft-spoken about 2012.  Whether Mayan Calendars are your thing or not, many sense we are on the brink of change.  I believe this new era will be delicious.

Bruce Lyon posted 12 Principles for a New Era on Christmas Day.  With his usual eloquence and intelligence he paints an inspired vision.  This is truly worth viewing.




You may ask yourself, how do I work this?

This is not my beautiful house…This is not my beautiful wife.

Talking Heads

First things first: introductions. In the Mayan calendar, I am the girl from the Day Out of Time (please just call me Dot). That is, I was born on the 25th July, a day that is also the Mayan New Year.  When people wish me happy birthday, I respond with, and a happy new year.  I have the qualities of a semi-flake – one who flounders between the worlds of mystic quester, to everyday plebe who does all the usual automaton stuff.

This blog wishes to address the phenomenon of 2012 prophesies and take a whimsical, seriously spiritual look at them.  Peppered amongst the spectacular, I wish to also share in other worldly wonders. My hobby is hunting out 2012 theorists – anyone.   I listen to a plethora of scientists, nutters, academics, and psychedelic users. I get pulled in and I get spat out.  Survival is a big topic, especially if you throw in a pole shift and an inter-dimensional portal (as some do).  Almost every week there is another date for our possible demise or ascension. If the comet, the asteroid, the two suns, Nibiru, and solar flares weren’t enough to contend with, apparently we’ve got lots of voyeuristic alien friends watching the whole debacle.

Apparently, there’s a lot of shit about to go down as we enter the Age of Aquarius. I’m relieved no one really knows what will happen.  The theories become bigger and more convoluted all the time. The greatest suspension of belief is when I hear of the Reptilian race.  According to YouTubes and the like, they  live underground and are meant to be our original forefathers.  It’s all very draconian.  Welcome to my meandering mind and research.  Beware where I may lead you.

You may ask yourself, what’s going on?  I’m just trying to survive my bills, my situation, my ever-expanding gut, and now I need think about Reptilians as relatives? These are fabulous stories that deserve outing.  Perhaps within these narratives we are all creating a new mythology.  Sounds like my kind of party.

Speaking of parties…tomorrow is 11:11:11.  In the Vedic tradition, it is the official day the New Age begins (there we have one of those grand dates again).  Worldwide meditations will be going off.  Yew.  The 11:11 combination is very Fibonacci, which is a sexy word to say, even if you don’t know what I Mean (pun intended). 1,1 is the beginning of the Fibonacci Sequence. It represents our binary DNA strands.  We’re about to evolve people and get activated.  Be excited.

I don’t think we will wake up with wings or anything tomorrow.  But a new door is opening – and I’m a curious smartass.  I’ll be poking around anywhere there’s a glimmer of light play with.  Looking forward to chewing more prophetic fat with you.


The Girl from the Day Out of Time

Tomorrow will be 11.11.11, and so my blog begins on the auspicious eve of palindromic numbers.

Some say it is the official start date of the Age of Aquarius. This is the dawning of the Age of Precarious.I offer sassy spiritual savvy for a world going 2012.  Dates and theories of our nearing demise and  ascension are rife.  We need to look at what’s being said – but we need some levity too.  As my son once said on 2012 prophesy , “But Mum, would you trust a bunchof people (Mayans) that sacrificed virgins?”  It gets so confusing.  I think I need another croissant.